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faq of idpapa

We do our best to assure that your fake IDs can passe all the tests: bending, scanning and black light tests are trivial. IDPapa fake ID cards have all the features of real cards like Holograms, UV, Barcodes, Laser piercing, Rainbow printing and more, which are the highest quality in the industry. With it, you will become omnipotent!

【Customer Support

24/7 online support via Whatsapp/Telegram/E-mail.

The fastest response time in the industry ensures that all your inquiries are resolved in a timely manner.

Usage Scenarios

Buying tobacco & alcohol, entering bars & clubs, renting cars & rooms, taking airplanes, online verification, jobs & covid related, hiding identity.

【Production & Shipping time】

Lead time: 5 days or sooner to complete after your submission is approved.

Regular shipping/ free: extra 2weeks to be delivered.

Fast shipping/ $60 fee: extra 1week to be delivered.

Privacy Security

All info submitted is encrypted by digital system and periodically deleted, and we use hidden packaging and traceless delivery to ensure your privacy security.

【Retail Price & Group Price】

Not only do we offer a nice Retail Price of $120, but we also offer a Group Price of $60- $90 for 2 or more ids. In addition, to become a RE-SELLER, just contact us!

Payment Methods

To ensure your transaction is safe and efficient, we support Credit/Debit card and Paypal with $0.00 surcharge, even if we have to pay high commission costs.

faq of idpapa

If you want to be a reseller of IDPapa fake IDs, so welcome to contact us in-depth cooperation, to get a great price!

All our cards have accurate barcode on the back, which is generated after precise AI matching with DMV database based on customized information provided by you, to ensure that the scanning result perfectly matches your information and passes the scanning detection. And, to maximize the assurance that the custom fake ID can be 100% scannable for use, we use BCS ID Scanner to verify every card before shipped out to our buyers to make sure all of our fake ID cards can pass scanning test, bend test and blacklight test. So that you can use it as your will. Scannable fake IDs include fake drivers license also.

We support Credit/ Debit card, Zelle, Bitcoin (the same as USDT), Western Union.

If you are buying products for the first time on our website, we recommend that you use Credit/ Debit card, which will make your transaction more secure and efficient.

We have great success in state. It definitely closes to 100% success. In state depending on you, up to 95% successful rate.

We replicate all the security features of a real ID: MultiSpec Holograms , UV, Teslin material, OVI, Bendable, Scannable, etc.

From the appearance and scan results, there is no difference between our fake ID card and the real one. In one word, IDPapa fake IDs are fast fake ID and Real fake ID.

All unpleasant experiences or online scams start with payment. With many years of working experience, we know that the payment method is very critical, so our website supports credit/ debit card, which means that if you have already paid for the goods, but we don't deliver them, or don't respond in time, or the goods are detained by the customs, or the goods are obviously different from our description, you can ask for a free redo or refund. We accept such REASONABLE requests, so that your purchase has no worries. IDPapa is not only a fake ID maker, also willing to be one of the best fake ID websites.

We will do our best to ensure that our customers can enjoy our best products and services, but we will not accept rude refund requests without reasonable grounds. Please understand!

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